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Become a BIM expert in minutes. Access all the data from your BIM models thanks to intelligent dashboards built from a relational database.

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Why integrating SeveUp App to your BIM workflow?

BIM data - Save time using SeveUp App

Save time

Stop making exports and long Excels that nobody understands

BIM data - Increase your BIM proposal with SeveUp App

Earn money

Integrate efficient and necessary deliverables for your customers while increasing your BIM proposals.

BIM data - Get the BIM final user satisfaction thanks to SeveUp App

Get final user satisfaction

Make your BIM models and processes accessible to all stakeholders. No technical skills required!

SeveUp App allows you to improve your Building Information Modeling aka BIM process with datavisualization and business intelligence. It’s time to unleash the power of your BIM models.

Dataviz opens new worlds and new possibilities, discover it with us.

Get your BIM models ready for DataViz and BI

Extract and transform your BIM model to queryable and sortable data to create amazing BIM dashboards that are easily understandable by all

  1. Select a dashboard template
  2. Select a project
  3. Select your input data,BIM models, external documen ts
  4. DataViz and BI take care of the rest

Only 4 steps ? Yep! It’s a piece of cake ! 🍰

Embedded BIM viewer : Analyse and understand quickly your building without specific skills

Spoiler alert : endless 3D walkthrought to find the needed data are over 🔴

Just go through the different visuals of the dashboard to get a quick automatic 3D selection

From now on, nothing is easier than understanding your building! And guess what? No specific skills needed.

BIM dashboards : Make BIM easy, open and accessible

Unleash the power of BIM data by sharing dashboards that match each player’s needs.

SeveUp App offers ready-to-use dashboards, you will just have to share them with your clients and colleagues.

And, if you have the spirit of an artist 🎨 we have you covered! You have the possibility to download the back-end of the dashboard. Get ready for a DIY session with the front-end of the dashboard. (Do it Yourself for the intimate ones).

They say it better than we do




The initiative launched with SeveUp is fully in line with Icade Promotion’s ambition to deploy a BIM approach focused on value creation for our teams.

SeveUp helps us to capitalize on the data contained in the BIM models by allowing us to transcribe BIM data in the form of key performance indicators

This shared approach consists in positioning BIM as a decision-making tool for the project owner in accordance with the methods and business processes of our teams and our partners.

Anne Sophie Duroy Vermare

BIM Officer, Icade

From a point of view of a BIM manager, SeveUp allows me to create dashboards adapted to my needs and those of my clients based on their models and specifications.  My customers have instant access to the information they need, knowing that the program and the BIM requirements will be respected.

SeveUp provides solutions thanks to which I can finally set up a fully operational BIM where each stakeholder, whatever their needs, has easy access to project information.

Thanks to this solution I’m able to eliminate the fastidious tasks related to the model status reports, and to save time.  At the same time I can spend more time advising my clients and attract more key accounts.

Maxime Sagnier

Head of operations, Im-Pact

We conducted conclusive testing (Proof of Concept) using the SeveUp solution within the Electricité de France (EDF) R&D unit. 

Our goal was to ensure regular updates and monitoring of digital assets in response to the vital needs of our asset managers and operators.

Thanks to SeveUp team’s support and expertise we were able to quickly implement dashboards integrating relevant indicators from the model data.

This first phase allowed us to validate the solution, and now we are ready to deploy the solution within the group.

Benjamin Rousseaux

Project Manager, EDF R&D

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