BI Dashboard

[ˈdaʃbɔːd] c.n.

A wonderful tool that gives you a better understanding of your BIM data so you can make the right decisions.

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3D smart ViewerOpen your BIM data to an other circle

This dashboard embeds a 3D viewer. The viewer reacts dynamically according to the selection of the different visuals of the dashboard. It integrates a tree structure by class and by system.

3D Assets Viewer dashboard available on SeveUp App

Quantity take-offQTO are now understandable

The dashboard shows all basic quantities (IfcElementQuantity) of the objects, as well as numerical values of other properties (PSET) for an in-depth analysis of your data.

Quantities take off QTO Assets dashboard available on SeveUp App

Blank templateCreate your own dashboard

All data are transformed and available in this dashboard. The back is done, the front is waiting for your creativity. 🎨

💡 Front-end is what we see, back-end is what we don’t see.

Blank dashboard template with the data of your BIM models