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The tool to boost your BIM models & process, automatically.
No need to compare BIM software anymore, this is the one missing from your toolbox. 😉

In-app features

Create your project

Before uploading your BIM models, you must create a new project for each construction project management with BIM you are working on.

You can upload an image and set start and end dates. Also, add a description of your BIM project understandable by all stakeholders as SeveUp App is a BIM collaboration tool.

Convert your BIM Model

Converting your .ifc BIM model to a relational database (postgreSQL) allows you to access 100% of your BIM data relationships in just a few minutes.

Save time with automatic conversion.

No need to do it yourself anymore, keep those hours for other high value-added tasks and get the most out of BIM digital construction.

Download your database

Extract your data and transform your BIM model into queryable and interoperable data.

Download your relational database in CSV or JSON or copy and paste the link to your Excel sheets or Power BI Sources.

Your database is named “Zipped data sources” and we have separated it into four categories so that you can get the data you need directly: Assets, Properties, QTO values, Assets Hierarchy.

Download your dashboard

Our dashboards are created with Microsoft Power BI, a powerful datavisualization tool.

Download the dashboards on SeveUpApp and open them with Power BI Desktop to visualize your BIM data, customize the visuals and publish them to share with your colleagues and clients so that they can visualize their 3D building online.

Merge your BIM model

Working on a large BIM project with multiple buildings or models ?

You can now select your BIM models to merge them together and get the relational database and dashboards with all the data of your BIM project.

For the viewer to work properly, please make sure the reference view point is the same in all your BIM models.

Upload your own BI templates

Working on several projects with the same company and therefore a single BIM charter (program control, control of compliance with the charter …)?

You can now upload your own dashboard template according to the specific rules of your client and use it on each project of this same client.

Embedded BIM viewer

We’ve developed an embedded 3D viewer in Power BI, here is what you can do with it!

Design your dashboard

On SeveUp App, you will find different templates that we have already designed.

However, you can customize them on Power BI as you wish, in the colors of your client’s company or yours.

Most of the elements and visuals can be changed, as well as the colors of the 3D viewer.

Select & view your objects

This is the ideal dashboard to present to the BIM end user.

Our embedded 3D viewer reacts dynamically according to the selection of the different visuals of the dashboard.

Have fun with it and select all the objects you want to visualize.

When you merge IFCs, make sure the reference view point is the same in all of them so that the viewer can work properly.