SeveUp is going to CES 2023 in Las Vegas!

CES 2023 Las Vegas
Written by Camille Dervin
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November 3, 2022

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CES 2023 Las Vegas

An international emblematic event

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), hosted at the Las Vegas convention centre, is one of the most significant and influential tech events on the planet! It’s seen the official unveiling of monumental technological successes such as Microsoft’s Xbox games console, the Blu-ray video disk, the 3DTV, 4G mobile usage and many more. This year, it is going to be the CES 2023 Las Vegas edition.

Each year, thousands of consumers, investors and tech experts descend upon Las Vegas for a 4-day event to discover the newest and most exciting emerging technology from over 2,000 exhibits. It gives businesses, large and small, an opportunity to showcase their products and services to the world and has the ability to transform the status of companies overnight!

The CES 2023 Las Vegas Event

CES las vegas 2023

Next year’s event will be particularly special! In the 2023 edition, running between January 5th – 8th, SeveUp will be in attendance to rival some of the great tech companies around the world! 

As French innovation continues to develop and compete amongst the world’s finest, we feel very proud to be representing the best that French tech has to offer within Eureka Park, the home of CES tech start-ups. 

SeveUp will be located at stand #16 in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes space on the French pavilion, accompanied by our friends at Minalogic

Over the years, more than $10 billion has been invested in Eureka Park companies, making it the perfect place for us to forge new partnerships, investments, and potential clients. As well as mingle with the brightest minds in the tech industry, we’ll be showcasing a lot from our dedicated SeveUp exhibit:

  • We’ll demonstrate the power and capabilities of the SeveUp app
  • The benefits of BIM throughout a project’s lifecycle and beyond
  • We’ll showcase the efficiency of our SeveUp dashboards and the time-saving capabilities of our embedded BIM viewer
  • How our products and software can seamlessly improve the BIM process from start to finish

Historically, it’s the big names that make all the headlines at CES such as Samsung, LG, Sony, etc. However, since the launch of Eureka Park, now home to over 1,200 small businesses showing off their unique products, it is the ultimate place for innovation, imagination, and creativity. 

Why does SeveUp attend the CES 2023 Las Vegas?

Attending CES gives us a great opportunity to put forward our vision and expertise for a rapidly evolving industry and to show the world how BIM is revolutionizing today’s construction projects. We want to be at the forefront of this evolution and prove that SeveUp is a leader in the BIM marketplace. 

Our team is looking forward to seeing you at CES 2023 and is beyond excited to showcase the power of BIM and how SeveUp can benefit your global BIM workflow!